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Using Ghost with Solid State Drives

Created: 11 Nov 2009 • Updated: 11 Nov 2009
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Ghost was not designed to work with solid state drives. The recommendations below may or may not work in a given environment, though they have been tested and verified on at least some machines. Please not that before trying this in a production environment, you should try this in a test environment so as to not risk data loss.

Officially, Ghost does not support solid state drives. I have verified that these steps worked on Dell Latitude E4200 machines:

1. Take the image with these command line switches:


2. Restore the image with these command line switches:


This  has been verified to work. This has only been tested with the same model of machine, so it is not expected that this would work to deploy to different models. I would expect that you could restore a solid state image to an IDE/SATA drive,but not the other way around. Assuming this is tested and does work, I would advise that deployment images for machines with solid state drives be managed separately from images for machines with standard IDE/SATA drives.