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Using the MSVS agent backs up the complete Virtual harddrive and not the actual capacity used

Created: 09 Jul 2009 • 4 comments
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When using the Backup Exec MSVS agent  to backup the Hyper-V virtual images it will backup the complete hard drive and not the actual data on the drive. I mean if you have created a VHD of 100 GB and have only 30 GB used, when we backup it the VHD it will backup complete 100GB and not 30 GB this is because Unlike VMware, MS doesnot provide any utilty like VCB which inturn compress the data and lets the Backup Exec backup the only data and not the free space.

hence when backing up Hyper-V images it will backup the complete VHD though you donnot have that much data on the drive.....

Let me know if some has any other answer to this question.

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Is it the also the same w.rt to vmare as well

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Hello Rahul,

This is not observered with VMware as i stated it uses the VCB(Vmware consolidate backup) that compress the data and backups the actual capacity used

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 Good job Masti

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This is probably beacause you have the VHD file Fixed Disk Type in Hyper-V.

If i have a dynamically expanding virtual hard disk (Hyper-V) 50GB and 14GB data in the virtual machine(also the size of the VHD file on the physical volume it resides) , the backup only backup 14GB data, not 50GB.

Note: Inside the virtual machine the disk type should be basic !! not Dynamic.

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