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Using Reserved Words with the Web Service Generator in Workflow

Created: 21 Aug 2013 • Updated: 21 Aug 2013
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When creating a set of new components based off the Web Service Caller Generator (as shown below),


Errors can occur if, on the last page of the generator (as shown below), component properties are named with words like “new”, “finally”, “byte”, “interface” etc.



Many words are reserved  or protected, and may NOT be used in component names and properties.

The list of reserved words that we check for are:















































































If you encounter this problem, try to avoid the use of reserved words in this situation.  However, if you need to use them, simply place an “@” symbol in front of the reserved word.  This will allow them to be used as component property names.  Examples would be “@new”, “@finally”, “@byte”, “@interface” etc.