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Utah Credit Union Uses Remote Consulting Services to Quickly Upgrade to the Latest Version of Enterprise Vault

Created: 22 Jan 2009 • Updated: 03 Apr 2009
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I am a self-proclaimed packrat. I don’t like to throw anything away. I guess that explains why I still have a Milli Vanilli CD, a 1990 Kevin Maas rookie card, and a Cincinnati Bearcats t-shirt from the 10th grade when I was briefly obsessed with Nick Van Exel. These things are worthless. We all know what happened to Milli Vanilli. Kevin Maas never materialized into the next Don Mattingly, and my t-shirt is filled with holes. There’s something about my personality that will not let me part ways with these items. This behavior even filters down to the management of my email inbox. For whatever reason, I hate deleting emails and always dread being notified by Outlook that my inbox is over the limit. In the past I would haphazardly begin deleting emails, probably in defiance of corporate email retention policies.

Who wants to think about managing their email inbox? I have much better things to do than figuring out what emails to keep, what to delete, and what to archive. Managing email can be a time-consuming process. That was one of the problems Mountain America Credit Union was faced with when it decided to implement Symantec Enterprise Vault. Because Mountain America is a financial institution, it is required to archive all of its emails. In the past, this took up a lot of the end users' time and required a lot of disk space. Since implementing Enterprise Vault, Mountain America has seen an increase in its employees' satisfaction with the email system and has eliminated the need for mailbox size limits.

When Mountain America needed to upgrade to the most recent version of Enterprise Vault, it turned to Symantec Remote Consulting Services. The credit union was under a tight timeline to perform the upgrade and Remote Consulting Services was able to get the upgrade and testing completed in just one day, saving the company 30 to 40 man-hours it would have lost had it performed the upgrade internally.

Click here for more information on Mountain America Credit Union’s implementation of Enterprise Vault and other Symantec solutions.

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