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Value Of Using A Digital Asset System To Improve Design Efficiency

Created: 25 Oct 2012 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014
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DAM LA ConferenceI will be speaking at the upcoming DAM LA Conference on digital asset management systems and the value of such a system.

One of the things my team does is create graphics, purchase stock imagery, and commission custom photography. We do this for many sites, domestically and globally, and for desktop and mobile. As a result, we amass vast amounts of graphical assets. The question then becomes how do you manage it? Do we have these assets sit disparately on designers' local harddrives or on a share drive?

What we have found to be valuable is to have a library or central repository to house, manage, and retrieve those assets. Several years ago, I brought onboard a digital asset management tool for our team to solve this issue. It has allowed us to store our graphical assets in a single location, organize those assets in a meaningful way, add metadata to them so they are easy to find, be notified when usage rights for an asset expires, generate various reports, and much more.

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