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Enterprise Vault

Vault Cache and Rebuilt Indexes

Created: 26 Aug 2011 • Updated: 29 Aug 2011 • 1 comment
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Someone asked me recently whether rebuilding their mailbox archive index would mean that their Vault Cache would need to be reset also.

The answer is no, absolutely not, however I can understand where the confusion comes. If you’ve read the Virtual Vault best practices guide ( then you’ll probably know that Vault Cache uses an archive’s indexes to perform its initial synchronisation so that it can download the MDC header cache. The same  synchronisation process will then initiate the downloading of the content cache (if configured to do so).

So, why does rebuilding an archive’s index not interfere with the Vault Cache synchronisation process?

The answer is that Vault Cache only uses an archive’s index for its initial synchronisation - the first synchronisation it ever does. This process builds out the MDC header cache which is usually a one-time operation. Once this has been done all future synchronisation requests are incremental. Incremental Vault Cache synchronisations query the relevant Vault Store database to determine which items need to be added, removed, or updated. No further use of the archive’s indexes is needed.

It follows therefore that rebuilding an archive’s index will have no effect on Vault Cache’s ability to synchronise as this component is not used in the regular and periodic incremental synchronisation process. This applies to both 32-bit and 64-bit (EV 10 and above) indexes.

Hope that clears things up, it certainly did for me

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So because he gets a lot of large attachments he was manually moving the email out of his inbox and down into the vault which essentially deleted it off the exchange server and his ost file to keep his mailbox from becoming over full. His sync wasn’t working so the mail he was putting in the vault never got archived and was only located in the vault cache in this folder   C:\Users\"login name"\AppData\Local\KVS\Enterprise Vault       Now when he ran the reset vault cache to try to get the sync to work everything in there was lost. 

I was able to recover 4 of the .db files from before the reset vault cache but don't know how to return them to a useable form. Any suggestions?

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