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VCB proxy backup server - import of tapes -> can't restore client's backups

Created: 06 Oct 2009 • 2 comments
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Recently I was participating in the annual Disaster Recovery tests. One of my Netbackup servers in DR scope is installed on windows and its performing backups of virtual machines (VCB backup proxy server). Since this server is utilitising on daily basis about one tape I projected that during DR test I will just import all tapes from this server (there should not be more then 3 tapes - last three backup sets). So I wasn't creating any hot backup to tape (yet another tape to be offsited). During DR test I imported all needed tapes. Phases I and II went smoothly, I was able to see clients backups in reports, cool. I ran BAR and configured it to restore first VMware machine client. What was my surprise when after selecting "Select for Restore/ Restore from Virtual Machine Backup" BAR told me that there is no backup available to restore from!! I checked all VMmachines that were backed up through this VCB server - the same. I have logged a case to Symantec. Relatevly soon thay gave me solution :).
Here is emial from Symantec support with solutions:
"We found that importing a vm image to a different server will craete an image file on the new server with the wrong vm_type.
The vm_type should be set to 2 but we found that the import will change the value to 0.
Changing the value to 2 should fix the problem. This is a defect and it will be fixed as soon as possible.
This is a defect and it will be fixed as soon as possible."

So please bare in mind this misbehavior of NBU until this will be solved.

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Thank you.

It seems you had a great time at DR :)

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I was a little nervous but once symantec provide a solution I calmed down ;-).
And the file that needs to be edited is located in
install path\NetBackup\db\images\CLIENT_NAME\TIME_STAMP_OF_BACKUP_IMAGE\policy_name_timestamp_type_of_backup
the variable is
valule should be 2 after tape import it was 0.

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