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VeriSign to give away 5000 VIP credentials to new organizations

Created: 02 Apr 2008 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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Ordinarily I write about SSL, but today I want to hit one an adjacent technology space that VeriSign is in, identity authentication credentials. Today VeriSign announced that it would give away up to 5000 free credentials each to new organizations that join the VIP network.

VIP stands for VeriSign Identity Protection, and the service offers authentication credentials in various forms like tokens, credit card form factor, and mobile devices. What's special about VIP, however, is that all participants are part of the same network. That means if you get a VIP token from PayPal, for example, you can also use it to log in to your Australia Post account. The same token. That's advantageous to users, who only have to carry around a single credential to authenticate themselves on may different sites. And it's advantageous to network members, who can utilize the credentails that already exist in customers' pockets.

Now with this offer to give away up to 5000 credentials per organization, it's a great time for new organizations to join the network. That's good for those organizations because they can get into the VIP network cheap. And it's good for the present VIP members, who will automatically add more credential-carrying members to their bases.

If you're going to RSA and this topic is interesting to you, stop by our booth to find out more details. We'll be there all week.