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VeriSign Trust Seal Dollar Day is tomorrow

Created: 02 Nov 2010 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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You'll recall that in February we launched the standalone VeriSign Trust Seal, which is to say a version of the VeriSign seal that is available for purchase and use on a web site that does not use an SSL Certificate. In the intervening months we've seen enthusiastically positive responses from early adopters such as Global Village Concerns, MyEnergySolution, and The Trademark Company.

At the same time we've observed that many, many small businesses do not realize that they, too, can use a VeriSign seal on their sites. So to raise awareness and give these businesses a chance to see what the VeriSign seal is all about, we're putting on the VeriSign Seal Dollar Day. The VeriSign Seal Dollar Day is tomorrow, November 3. On Dollar Day, tomorrow, from midnight to midnight Pacific time, the VeriSign seal cost exactly one dollar or a one-year subscription. To take advantage of Dollar Day you have to be a new customer and buy off our site. Limit one per customer, and please see our site for the full conditions and disclaimers.