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Video File Formats Used to Promote Stock Symbols

Created: 24 Dec 2007 08:00:00 GMT • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 18:43:28 GMT
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Penny stock spammers have started using ahigh definition video file format to promote stock symbols. As we comeup to the end of the year, spammers have moved quickly on using videoformats for spamming with pump-and-dump stock symbols. Traditionally inpenny stock spam, JPEG images were embedded in the email, followed byURLs that were redirected to other JPEG images. This year we havewitnessed huge rounds of PDF and MP3 file formats to promote stocksymbols.

Penny stock spammers have also used legitimate video commercials (TVand online media commercials) and clippings of professional financialnews reports or programs. Often there are conversations between thehost and the guest star "professional financial analyst," discussingthe company’s strategies and financial prospects. The following are acouple of sample messages of the penny stock spam email:

Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2007 03:21:59 -0500
Subject: Catch The Wave Video


I thought you would like to see this.

Jump on the Wave, Be the first to ride this opportunity.

Take a look at this 60 second video to start

the ride.



Sample 1: Penny stock spam email

In this email, when a user clicks on the link a video file is opened. The video talks about
“Fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil that contribute to global warmingand our insatiable need for this resource has led to global conflict.We must look for alternate sources for our generation and beyond. Theanswer is uranium, clean, green, the fuel of the future.”

The online video streaming is about 30 seconds long with very crispand clear sound and the video quality is very impressive. The videolooks like a legitimate TV or online media commercial used by thecompany for advertisement.

Image 1: Video snapshot

As soon as the video ends the page is redirected to a legitimatelooking newsletter, giving more details on the stock symbol. Thespammer has used the name of a professional financial analyst to giveeverything a legitimate look.

Image 2: Extract from the newsletter

Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2007 03:21:59 -0500
Subject: oil and gas exploration and production | oil and gas


New and Exciting Technology
See for yourself!!

Video Search these key words at [REMOVED] (“Search engine”)

You wont be disappointed!!

over the counter
stock to buy
Best Stock Pick
Winning Stocks

offshore oil and gas
oil drilling
investing in oil and gas
oil and gas investing
gas stocks

Isn't technology wonderful!!

Sample 2: Video spam email

In this email the spammers directs the user to key words (tags) fromthe spam sample message. The tags are then inserted into popular videosearch engines and usually come up with many video records uploadedwith the same or similar description of the penny stock that spammerswish to promote.

Sample tags:
• hot stock
• madcap
• penny
• picks
• pinksheet
• smallcap
• stocks

This version of video spam was already predicted by our analysts and our products are already geared up to handle them.

Note: Special thanks to the contributors to this article: Sohan Mirajkar, Vivian Ho, and Arun Kumar.