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Virtual Vision: Join the Conversation

Created: 15 Jul 2013 • Updated: 28 May 2014
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The Virtual Vision Google+ Hangout Series has been going strong for four weeks with Hangouts from NetBackup, Clearwell and Enterprise Vault and Backup Exec.

Couldn’t attend one of the previous Hangouts? Don’t worry, you can catch the recordings, view the supporting documents, or ask questions via the Google+ event pages.

Make sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming events throughout the rest of July and August. You can RSVP, view more details about the events and watch recordings after the events have taken place all on the Google+ event pages.

Check back here to see updates on the sessions, or follow @Symantec on Twitter, add +Symantec to your Google+ Circles or like us on Facebook for the latest updates.

During the events you can submit questions that will be answered in real time using the hashtag #SYMChangout via Twitter or comment on the Google+ event page.

We look forward to hanging out with you!




Google+ Event Page


9:30am PST

Best Practices for VMware Protection

In this Google+ Hangout, virtualization guru George Winter (@VMXGeorge) and a panel of experts will discuss ways to get the most out of NetBackup's integration with VMware's VADP including vCloud Director integration and vSphere 5.1.



9:30am PST

Defensible Deletion: Cut the Clutter - What You Have, What You Need, and What You Can Safely Get Rid Of

Simple Facts-  Information is growing at alarming rates, Organizations fear the consequences of eliminating even the most trivial data and these fears have been heightened by the retention requirements of Dodd-Frank, FINRA 10-06 and other troubling laws and regulations.  In this hangout learn how to identify the data  that you need to collect and manage versus the data that you can safely get rid of.  In addition, attendees can understand how to limit exposure and storage costs by implementing a defensible deletion plan for both active and archived content.  



10:00am PST

Is Big Data TOO BIG to Backup? 

What is Big Data? How much of it do you need to protect? Can you even back it up? This Google+ Hangout will feature a panel of experts who will show you how the NetBackup platform can help you protect your big data. A special focus will be given to protecting In-Memory Databases, the newest addition to the NetBackup portfolio. NetBackup is the first and only backup vendor certified by SAP to protect HANA database. Fully integrated through the SAP backint interface, it provides a quick and easy setup for DBAs to protect HANA databases through familiar tools while seamlessly plugged into the corporate NetBackup environment.



9:30am PST

Backup Exec: Virtualization Experts talk Best Practices for Virtual Backups

In today’s business environment IT Professionals need to adapt to changes and opportunities faster than ever.  Increasingly so, they rely on their data to run their business functions.  The loss of access to that data would not only cripple, but could ruin a company.  More IT Pros are interested in virtualization as a way to improve business efficiency, but have legitimate hesitation due to concerns about its impact on the speed of access and recoverability they have to their data. 

Today’s landscape is littered with niche products for protecting virtual machines and their data, but Symantec Backup Exec delivers a unified solution for backup and recovery of virtual environments.  It protects virtual and physical servers and data with industry leading granular recovery.  Join virtualization experts from Symantec, Task Force Tips and NAC Solutions as we answer your questions and discuss best practices for transitioning to virtual environments and protecting your virtual data.



9:30am PST

A Step-By-Step Disaster Recovery Blueprint & Best Practices for Your NetBackup Appliances & Beyond (Onsite/Offsite)

In this technical session we will share a few customer-tested blueprints for implementing DR strategies with NetBackup appliances showing support for onsite and offsite disaster recovery.  This includes the architecture design with Symantec best practices, down to execution of the wizards and command lines needed to implement the solution.  In addition, we discuss how to use OpsCenter as a Swiss army tool to benchmark and enhance the appliance’s DR experience.



9:30am PST

Managing Dark Data and File Governance

With the rapid growth of unstructured, or dark data, organizations face increasing risk of inappropriate data access as well as rising compliance and storage costs. Symantec Data Insight enables organizations to improve data governance through visibility into usage and ownership of dark data. In this session, preview how Data Insight, through actionable analytics and visualization techniques, helps organizations reduce risks, decrease costs and provide intelligence for business decisions.



9:30am PST

The New Era of Business Continuity

Business Continuity is more than protecting sprawling data, meeting Service Level Agreements, and stopping security threats. Continuity must be maintained while embracing virtualization, cloud and other new technologies. Disruption looms on all sides: security threats, configuration errors, power outages, natural disasters, and technology upgrades. Learn about best practices and technologies for protecting your data wherever it resides and keeping applications highly available, resulting in a complete business continuity strategy.



9:30am PST

BONUS SESSION: Backing up vCloud Director | What's the difference between the vCD API and VADP?

Is your data protection solution vCloud Director AWARE?  The introduction of VMware's vCloud Director included a new IaaS offering that layers on top of the existing vSphere product suite.  This means yet additional challenges for backup and recovery professionals to work around. In this Google+ Hangout we’ll discuss these challenges and show you how we solve them in one of the largest vCloud Director deployments in the world. 



9:30am PST

What Can the Backup Exec 3600 do to Improve your Data Protection Strategy?

The Backup Exec 3600 Appliance mitigates the problems of complexity, cost, and risk associated with traditional backup solutions by delivering a combined hardware and software solution in a single package.

This Google+ Hangout is intended to assist partners, service providers and end-users as they design and implement a data protection strategy. Building a traditional backup solution can result in a high level of complexity. Our experts will discuss the turnkey advantages of the BE 3600 Appliance.  It provides a Backup Server, 5.5TB of back end storage as well as “all-you-can-eat” Backup Exec 2012 Agents and Options, including the Deduplication Option, all in one pre-configured box. 

Join our Hangout along with members of Product Management and Engineering.  We will take a good hard look at the Backup Exec 3600 and answer your questions about the technology, implementation and best practices.



9:30am PST

Why Host-Based SSDs are Critical for SLAs in Mission-Critical Datacenters

In this session, learn about the growing reliance on Solid State Drives to optimize storage environments, discuss the benefits and risks, and examine best practices.



9:30am PST

VMware Backups That Work - Lessons Learned and Backup Performance Tuning Based on Extensive VADP Benchmark Testing

We’ve pushed the backup performance envelope so that you don’t have to! Industry leaders Cisco, NetApp, VMware and Symantec teamed up to develop a best practice framework and performance benchmark based on the vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP). The test configuration uses the popular NetApp FlexPod environment. The result that proves that you can easily protect over 4 TB of virtual machine data an hour. Most think that to provide this sort of performance, a mountain of hardware is required. This is not the case. We show you how these performance numbers can be easily obtained with minimal hardware and a small budget. Improving backup performance also creates more reliable backups, shorter backup windows and less impact on the vSphere infrastructure. Whether or not you are using NetBackup, we invite you to attend this hangout where we'll dig deep into VMware VADP and its performance characteristics. We'll share lessons learned from extensive lab benchmarks simulating real production workloads. This will help you design and deploy a backup solution for your VMware vSphere environment that meets your business SLAs.



9:30am PST

Why do you need third party archiving capabilities with Exchange and Office 365? Q & A with Michael Osterman

Organizations considering Microsoft Office 365 will need to use third party offerings to either supplement or replace some of the capabilities in Microsoft’s offering.  In this question and answer session with Michael Osterman of Osterman Research we’ll share what drives organizations to adopt Office 365 and discuss the security and archiving limitations in Office 365 and Exchange so you can make the best decision for your organization. 


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