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Virus Bulletin 2006 – Montreal

Created: 10 Oct 2006 07:00:00 GMT • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 18:56:12 GMT
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I landed in Montreal on Sunday morning and immediately began sortingout pictures of my dogs (!) so I could put the finishing touches on myVirus Bulletin presentation. “Everything I Need to Know About Security I Learned from My Dog and a Country Western Song”is not your usual security paper title; in fact, the initial ideaevolved as a tongue-in-cheek “what if” mental exercise. However, themore I thought about it, and the more people I talked to about it, themore I realized the idea was worth pursuing to the next level.Somewhere along the way it changed to “two dogs”, I submitted theabstract to Virus Bulletin, it was accepted, and the paper began totake shape.

Virus Bulletin is undoubtedly one of the best opportunities(globally) to meet with the people who use the technologies we designand develop. It is also an excellent place to talk withsecurity-conscious executives about the security products, policies,and programs they have—or wish they had—in their organizations. And,that’s what people do here, year after year after year. While we findourselves in new places, and while there are new faces on thepresentation stage, the songs generally remain the same. Could it bethat as much as the world has changed since my first VB in 1994, it has, in some very important ways, stayed the same? Is it possible that we need to be reexamining thosethings, and reconsidering how that information is passed on to others?After all, if after ten years some of these things haven’t permeatedour security cultures to the point we don’t need to repeat them, itcould be that we need to adapt the ways we’re trying to get theinformation across. Or, it could be, as I learned doing some of theresearch for the paper, that repeating them is even more important thanI realized. Not only is repeating them important, it’s how we repeatthem that is important. And, that’s where the dogs and the song comein...