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Vision 2010 Barcelona Track Descriptions

Created: 20 May 2010 • Updated: 19 May 2014 • 3 comments
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Six tracks with technical content geared for the functional IT audience will be presented in break-outs and hands-on labs. They will focus on following solutions:

Track: Infrastructure Protection
Today's security threat landscape involves targeted, and financially-motivated attacks aimed at exploiting numerous vulnerabilities in a variety of systems-endpoint devices, email servers, messaging vehicles, and online applications. Managing the security of the entire infrastructure has become an important and increasingly challenging task. As the demand increases to better protect enterprise data from external attacks, insider abuse, bad business processes, or simple mistakes , key to security professionals is to have the right solutions and techniques available to effectively manage the complete endpoint environment.
Sessions in this track cover best practices for implementing a simplified, holistic approach to endpoint security that protects systems from attack, and secures inbound and outbound digital communications.

Target Attendees: Desktop Engineer, Desktop Management, Desktop Services and Support, IT Administrator, IT Manager, Network Administrator, Server/Datacenter Administrator, System Administrator

Track: Infrastructure Management
Effective deployment and ongoing management of endpoints, including client and server systems and mobile devices, is a complex challenge that often requires significant manual effort, cost, and risk. It involves configuration, adopting structured change management, and streamlining operations. Further, complexity with physical and virtual machine proliferation increases the challenges involved in managing these endpoints. Today IT organizations must find ways to reduce costs, improve service support, and align IT resources with business priorities. Manageability of key project s such as OS migrations, Application delivery and License management, require strong process automation and streamlining.

Sessions in this track feature best practices to help you optimize client and mobile device management processes , how to effectively reduce IT service costs, manage and control service support, service delivery processes and change management.

Target Attendees: System Administrator, Server Administrator, IT Administrator, IT Manager, IT Operations Director, IT Operations Manager, Datacenter Manager, Desktop Engineer, Desktop Management, Desktop Services and Support, Change Manager, Help Desk Manager, Asset Manager, IT Support Specialist, IT Director, Desktop Services and Support, Change Manager, Altiris SDK Developer, Technical Partner.

Track: Storage & Availability Management
IT organizations are under pressure to reduce costs and meet increasing service level requirements. These objectives are often at odds with each other, but they don’t need to be. Learn how organizations are cutting costs by significantly reducing or eliminating storage purchases. By purchasing only the storage they need, when they need it, Symantec customers are maximizing value from their information assets by optimizing the way their information is managed throughout its lifecycle. With Symantec’s storage, high availability & disaster recovery solutions, IT organizations standardize on a single, integrated infrastructure solution across UNIX, Linux, Windows, virtual platforms and a heterogeneous storage environment by reducing both risk and complexity at the same time.
This track includes sessions that detail how organizations are effectively using Symantec’s data center solutions to reduce storage hardware costs, increase application service levels with high availability and disaster recovery solutions, reduce data center complexity & administrative costs, and how to cope with the unpredictable performance and capacity requirements of unstructured data either on-premise or in the cloud.

Target Attendees: Storage Administrator, Storage Architect, System Administrator, Network Administrator, IT Director, IT Manager, Application Architect, Database Administrator

Track: Information Risk & Governance
Today information is everywhere! It has become harder than ever for organizations to protect information, defend against external targeted attacks and insider threats. To reduce the risk of data loss and the consequent financial and brand damage it causes, security professionals must be able to discover, monitor and protect their organizations’ confidential information wherever is stored or used. At the same time, mandatory mandates such as PCI-DSS and an increasingly aggressive regulatory environment creates pressure to accurately measure and prioritize IT risk and establish confidence in audit readiness. Yet with complex business and IT infrastructures the costs of manual audit preparation are significant, while risk of failing to protect your information can be catastrophic.
This track features sessions to help you understand how you can proactively protect information, rapidly respond to threats, automate governance processes and reduce your overall IT cost and complexity.

Target Attendees: Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, VP/Director of Information Security, VP/Director of Security Operations, Risk and Compliance, and Risk Professionals.

Track: Information Management
Information volumes continue to grow, driving up storage costs. Along with multiple initiatives, like virtualization, commonly faced challenges include: greater complexity, slower backup and recovery times, increased storage consumption and flat or declining budgets.
Sessions in this track will help you learn about the latest technology designed to automate and standardize backup, archiving, retention, search and eDiscovery. You’ll also learn how to deduplicate everywhere – and closer to information sources – to cut costs and improve performance, especially in virtualized environments. Additionally, you’ll learn how to confidently delete information that is past its sell-by date while being able to quickly and easily find relevant information for eDiscovery.

Target Attendees: Backup Administrator, Storage Administrator, System administrator, Exchange / Domino administrator, eDiscovery specialist, Director of Storage, IT Director, IT Manager, Application Owner/Architect.

Track: Strategic IT and Solutions
The impact of IT technology on the business is greater than ever. From governance and the necessity to protect confidential data, to effectively addressing business opportunity through agile process management and optimized IT resource allocation, today the IT executive’s key focus is on delivering IT services to the business that are cost effective, well managed and well protected and that leverage the next generation IT Infrastructure technologies.
This track will highlight the value of using Symantec to address strategic initiatives to maximize IT investments and prepare for the next iteration of business efficiency.
In addition, discover Best Practices from the Public, Healthcare and Banking industries protecting their most important information and achieving significant IT cost savings. The Telco & xSP Industry sessions within this track additionally discuss how Service Providers can increase the efficiency of their IP network before implementing Managed IT Services to generate new revenue streams.

Target Attendees: Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), VP of Information Technology, IT Manager, IT Director, VP of Business Development; Head of Services, IT Operations Director.

Hot Topics
In addition to the dedicated tracks outlined, please note that there will be sessions within these tracks that focus on a number of current issues faced by many IT professionals. Below are just some of these topics that will be addressed:

  • Cloud Computing: Hosted Services, Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Green IT
  • Virtualization (client, server, data center, storage, more)

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CraigV's picture

Hi Leslie,

Assuming I get to go to this, what sort of information do we have on-hand?
I went to Microsoft Tech Ed in 2008 in Durban, South Africa, and we got DVDs with all the presentations.
Would it be the same thing?



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LeslieMiller's picture

Registered attendees will be download the presentations from the registration site shortly after the conference. (At least this is how it was in Las Vegas, and I assume it will be the same. If it's different I'll let you know.)

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CraigV's picture

=)...but being there is even better!!! Got the go-ahead! cheeky

My first time overseas, and to a technical conference...whoohoo!

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