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Vision 2011 Scavenger Hunt Day 3

Created: 04 May 2011 • Updated: 19 May 2014
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Photo of Julius Caesar from the fabulous Caeasar's Palace in Las Vegas



Here is a fabulous link to the podcast on a feature for mobile security.

 Enlightened Mobile Security 




What organization can do better for mobile devices

As mobile devices become more common in the workplace; organization can do better in the creation of their mobile device policies by working on the following items. First, ensure users are trained in security, cost effectiveness, policies, and require passwords for all devices. Encourage a strict policy for your company to limit the types of devices so they are managable, cost effective and detailed training can be provided on the devices. Most importantly ensure your IT department is knowledgeable and trained on mobile devices, vendor information, application platforms, and most importantly security. Training events, such as Symantec Vision, is essential for ensuring you are up to date and able to grow your business utilizing these devices and state of the art features.


Most important thing I've learned at Symantec Vision 2011

The most important think I've learned at Symantec Vision 2011 is what the current issues and practices are for the IT industry and what the future holds for moving forward; such as mobile device, operating system changes, security needs and how fast they are changing. At times I feel like the lone ranger dealing with issues and continually searching to find resolutions. Coming to this conference ensures me that I am not the only one in the boat. Whether you are part of a large IT team or a one man shop -like me, everyone in the field is dealing with the same security issues and struggles to stay one step ahead.  I really enjoyed the Windows 7 sessions since our firm will be moving this direction soon. I was excited to see the amount of vendors that are Symantec partners and will definitely plan on utilizing services in the future. Living in SE Iowa, I tend to lack support in the area for new technology and training, so these resources will be valuable to me in the future. I am excited to take this information back to my firm and share what I've learned.