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Visiting Vision Barcelona? some tips regarding the strike 14th November

Created: 07 Nov 2012 • Updated: 19 May 2014
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Are you visiting Vision Barcelona next week?

Below are some tips for you.

Barcelona has a lot of good stuff to visit, See and do. Visit the cathedral of Gaudi and see a lot of centuries of building.

Visit the aquarium. There is some much to see there and I enjoyed it several times while staying in barcelona.

The Ramblas off course is a great place to see and to experience, but be very aware off your personal belongings. Pickpockets will try to get your wallet and/or cellphone. Putt them in a safe place and if you have to pay for something, dont let people see where you hide your wallet. Allthough it might look odd, put some cash in your socks or another place. If your wallet gets stolen your still have some cash to get back to your hotel.


November the 14th there is a big strike scheduled in whole Spain. Allthough Symantec took a lot of precautions, you have to take your own precautions as well.

Strikes in Spain can be very angry looking and frightfull as Spainish people are usually very polite, you migth be seeing the dark side.

Don't travel on the 14th. Don't go into town. Do not schedule your trip to the Ramblas at the 14th as that brings you straight in the middle of the strike.

If you stay in a Symantec hotel travel is arranged. If you stay outside the Symantec recommended hotels, search for the closest one and get on the busses Symantec has arranged for Vision attendees. If you have to travel back on Wednesday the 14th, be aware that the Strike will definetly hit the airports. It might be very difficult to get your belongings with you on the plain if you are able to get on your flight yourselve.

Getting a cab on the 14th will be a very expensive experience. Try to avoid the need to get on a cab.

If you visit the Symantec Vision party and you are not staying in the Symantec official hotels, ask the Symantec people at Vision to see where you can catch the bus. They are aware of what is going on and they will definetly help you.

Safe travels and enjoy Vision. You might even be able to catch up with me :-)