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Vista Migration eBook: Chapter 8 Now Available

Created: 27 Aug 2007
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Personality protection is probably the most important aspect of any operating system (OS) deployment project; not, of course, from the technicians point of view, but rather, from the end users point of view. And personalities -- the collection of data, favorites, desktop settings, application customizations and more -- are the most important aspect of any OS migration for them.


You can download Chapter 8 here.

Chapter 8 Excerpt

That's because users perceive their computers personality as part of their workspace and many of them will spend considerable time optimizing it for the work they do. If computer personalities are not preserved in the course of a migration project, users lose productivity as they take time to either relearn or recreate the aspects of their old computer personality that they depended on to get their work done. For many users, losing printer settings, email configurations, Microsoft Word templates or even the placement of shortcuts on their desktop can compromise their comfort level and effectiveness with a new machine and/or operating system. This disorientation decreases productivity and increases the helpdesk workload because it leads to unnecessary end-user support calls and training.

Therefore, preserving the personal computing environment of each user is a critical step in mitigating the productivity impact of an OS migration and controlling its costs. As with the other engineering processes that are required to complete an OS migration project, this process includes several steps.

Chapter 8: Table of Contents

  • Chapter 8: Working with Personality Captures
  • Define your Profile Policy
    • Choosing the Profiles to Protect
    • Differences between Windows XP and Vista
    • Completing the Personality Protection Policy
    • Determine your Backup Policy
  • Prepare your Protection Mechanisms
  • Long-term Personality Protection Mechanisms
    • Relying on Vistas Folder Redirection
    • Enabling Folder Redirection with Roaming Profiles
  • Finalizing the Personality Protection Strategy

Download Chapter 8 here.