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VMWare Ready Certification and Enterprise Vault

Created: 07 Oct 2012 • Updated: 29 May 2014
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Hot on the heals of yesterdays blog post talking about how to move Enterprise Vault to a VMWare environment, is this one about VMWare Ready Certification.  Just over a month ago the official Symantec blog arrived with information on how Enterprise Vault is now listed with the VMWare Ready Certification.  

For me the key part of this sort of certification is not just the fact that it was attained, but that it leads to an indepth look at all the different moving parts of Enterprise Vault.. looking for places where code isn't as efficient as it could be, places where 'expensive' disk operations are in use, and so on.  It truly helps the product as a whole, not just for people wanting to run Enterprise Vault on VMWare products.

So, are you already running Enterprise Vault on VMWare products?  Do you plan to move to VMWare products from physical hardware?