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VMWorld 2014 - Day 1

A running blog about the VMWorld 2014 conference.
Created: 24 Aug 2014
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As I sit on the current alternative of the ‘nerd bird’ (as we used to affectionately call the American AUS-SJC direct) I’m on the DFW-SFO, catching up and geeking out with old colleagues, analysts I’ve worked with and listening to the grumpy lady in front of me who keeps calling the flight attendant over to complain about a luggage policy – I’m reminded of how much things have changed since I was an attendee at my first VMWorld in 2007. Back in my product management days I was an eager attendee for sessions and labs – thoroughly enjoying all 3 hours of my 2 hour VCB scripting lab. VCB scripting is a long gone requirement, and equally far down the list of my favorite experiences at VMWorld.

This week I’ll be posting updates about key topics, trends, and new emerging technologies and strategies for IT. What’s changed so much about VMWorld is the virtualization itself – I feel an almost parental pride in seeing how virtualization is (in the immortal words of Vince Vaughn, as Mike’s friend Trent in the 90’s classic “Swingers”) “all grown’s up”.  The biggest shift is how virtualization as a platform has moved through the stages of adoption by the industry as a whole. I recall how blatant (and for that matter, more than just a bit rude) the laughter was at the presenter back in 2007 who spoke at a session on how you should be running Exchange in VMware. In retrospect maybe the rest of the world just wasn’t ready for that radical of an idea, especially given the current gap that still exists for organizations that will run file servers all day long as VMs, but hesitate and still balk at the notion of running tier 1 applications as VMs. Statistically about 80% of organizations have virtual servers, but only 52% of all servers are virtual – we’ve got to do better.

Maybe this year will be the year that legacy mindset fades gracefully to the sunset.

Here are some of the key events I look forward to in the next 24 hours:

  • Opening reception – Sunday afternoon/evening, always great to see how the crowd’s vibe is before things really kick off
  • Opening session – this is always a great primer, I look forward to being educated, inspired and entertained all at the same time

Some of the evening events I’m looking forward to this week:

  • VMUnderground, I  don’t know what I’m getting into, but several VMWorld vets have called it a ‘must go’
  • vFlipCup, see Jimmy Fallon to see how the pros do it
  • The Black Keys, (see great rock & roll with a nasty blues cut for how these pros do it)

I’ll be posting key tips, highlights, videos, vines, tweets this week.  Be safe and see you at the conference. DM me if you want to catch up while I’m here!

- Michael