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Waiting for Godot

Created: 01 Dec 2006 08:00:00 GMT • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 18:54:47 GMT
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It's been more than two months since thedisbanding of the 29A virus writing group, and in typical 29A fashion,we're still waiting for the official announcement. Of course, that'sfine – as long as they're no longer writing viruses we don't care ifthey tell us or not. Maybe they're waiting for January 1. ;-)

What fun we can have speculating on the “hows” and “whys”, such asthat Vecna left the group and nobody noticed, or that roy signs hisviruses with a different group name and nobody cares. Zombie's site hasbeen closed for a long time already; now the 29A site, hosted by GriYo,is gone. First it was replaced by GriYo's radio interviews and then itwas removed completely. Benny's real name is known and probablyRatter's and Vecna's are, too. They must know that they can't movefreely anymore. As for roy, I think he is actually not just one personbut several, although that's a topic for another day (although theyshould all quit).

Anyway, these are all promising signs. Viruses have been eclipsed byall kinds of "pay-per-hack" malware, so what room is left for virus"researchers"? Good move, guys. Having fewer new viruses in the worldis good for everyone. Despite claims to the contrary, antivirusanalysts and virus writers do not have a symbioticrelationship at all. Even if every virus writer disappeared tomorrow(or even better, this afternoon), there is still more than enoughexisting malware out there to keep us busy and employed.

Go outside and get some sunshine. Besides, what would the otherpeople in your life say if the police came busting through the door totake you away? That wouldn't look good on your resume.