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We got our much needed monitoring dashboard in VOM

Created: 10 Aug 2012 • Updated: 11 Jun 2014 • 1 comment
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Last year when Symantec Solutions Architect that we work with asked us to try VOM, I shrugged off the idea thinking it might be just another product. It was not until two months ago when we needed to have a web based VCS Client (SAs were doing remote desktop sessions to various terminal servers some of those did not have VCS Java Clients that was quite frustrating when responding to an urgent call) so we thought of installing VOM. The moment I installed this product, with little effort it was ready to go. What we originally adopted as a web based client proved much more than that, it is in fact our official monitoring dashboard. Great thing about VOM is you can add Solaris Cluste Nodes and that will provide visibility to all the Solaris Virtual Zones running on the hosts and even Oracle databases running inside the zones. Then you can add VCenter Server and that will provide visibility to all the virtual machines running on ESXi hosts connected to the VCenter Server. So virtually we got all our servers Solaris and Linux and Wintel, Virtualized and Physical visible to VOM. On top of that using Business Entities we were able to organize a certain set of servers (Solaris Zones and Linux / Windows Virtual Machines) under one Line of Business Entity and that provided an impressive view to management who wanted to know how  servers related to a particular LOB were doing.

This has been a great winner for us, we would strongly suggest you try this out.

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Thanks for your post, Zulfi!

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