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We’ve Got Your Back – Protecting Your Business Data in a Changing World

Created: 27 Feb 2012
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By Rowan Trollope, Group President, SMB and

Few people wear more hats than the small business owner. One minute you’re a CEO, the next you’re the CFO, and then you’re the HR manager. The last thing you need is to spend time worrying about IT, while you are trying to focus on driving sales.

The technology you use to conduct your daily business is vital to the health of your operation. You may not pay much attention while everything is running smoothly, but when something goes wrong it can mean disaster. One significant data loss incident can ruin your business.

Fortunately, that’s why you take steps to protect your critical information. Except, many SMBs aren’t doing enough. First, they either don’t back up their information at all or fail to do so regularly. A recent Symantec survey showed that less than half of small businesses back up their data at least weekly. And 61 percent lack basic protection such as antivirus software on their desktops. This is worrisome because cyberattacks aren’t just directed at large enterprises—these criminals know that smaller businesses have fewer resources to protect themselves. In fact, onequarter of all targeted attacks are aimed at SMBs, and 73 percent of SMBs were victims of cyberattacks last year.

Clearly, you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect your critical information. Your customers depend on you to not only provide the service they asked for with no delays, but also to protect the sensitive information they share with you.

But there’s a problem I’ve heard about from too many small business owners. As new technologies find their way into the business, vendors respond by introducing more new products. Now all of these point products are causing so much confusion that many businesses would rather go without than try to deal with the complexity. There hasn’t been one product that can protect and back up all of an organization’s data, in physical and virtual environments, and it shows – 57 percent of small businesses don’t have a disaster preparedness plan in place.

So, how are SMBs supposed to make time to worry about their information, when they need to focus on serving their customers and taking advantage of business opportunities? How do they find this balance?

At Symantec, we’ve heard these frustrations. We know that above all, businesses need an information management solution that simply works, without a huge time investment. We went back to the drawing board in thinking about the solutions we provide, committed to making everything as simple as possible. We asked ourselves, what if backup could be set up in as little as 10 minutes? What if it took only three steps instead of 80?

In a world defined by technological innovation taking steps to protect your business information should be intuitive and simple. Symantec has heard your frustration. We’re making security and backup better, so you can focus on your customers.

Your livelihood depends on your information, and we’re delivering solutions that let you focus on what’s going to drive your business—like selling, instead of spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to protect your information. 

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