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We’ve Made Creating Content on Connect Even Easier

Created: 18 Jan 2010 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • 10 comments • Page Views: 11
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We’ve recently implemented a new interface for creating content on Connect. Our goal was to make creating content easier and more user friendly. It should also help content appear in an organized format. Let me introduce you to this new form:

First, choose the language, title and text for your post.

New Create 2
New Create 3

Next, you’ll need to choose where the post will appear. 

New Create 4

After you have selected a community, you’ll need to choose a product, and if appropriate, the version you are using.

New Create 5

Next, choose a topic that describes your post. Click on the category on the left and then click the most relevant check boxes.

New Create 6

If you are posting this to a group, you can indicate that next.

New Create 7

Finally, click “Save.”

New Create 8

We hope that you find this form simple to use. If you have any questions, post them below and let us know.


The Connect Team

Blog Author:
Leslie Miller is a community manager for the Inside Symantec community and the Vision User Conference community. She also manages the Symantec Connect Trusted Advisor program.

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CraigV's picture

Nice post...very informative.

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Jhon Apurillo's picture

I find this new interface easy and user friendly. However I dont know if I did something wrong. When I tried to create a blog/post. At the Step 3. I have encouter an issue, whenever I click on Industry Solutions, Platforms & Hardwares, Reserved for Symantec Use, Security. The blue box move to the left. Though it's fine because still I am able to click and select a topic but I dont think that it looks good. I am also not sure if the problem is with my browser. I have IE 6. See the Screenshots below.

The Normal Page:

When i click on Industry Solutions, Platforms & Hardwares, Reserved for Symantec Use, Security:


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Jhon Apurillo's picture

I then dont see this issue anymore. Thanks for your quick respond. All the best.Ü

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Naor Penso's picture

Thanks for the manual :)

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For all content, please give a thumbs up if you agree with or support the post.
Thanks :)

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Frank019's picture

It pretty good but a little slow to load some time.

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NickW's picture

 Thanks Leslie, 

I'm interested in whether or not auto-save / drafts features have been implemented. I've lost a few long posts due to browser client issues in the past and have resorted to creating in Word, followed by copy and paste, followed by mucho editing. An auto-save drafting workflow would be somewhat simpler. 

Nick Wade

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nhej-'s picture

It's nice and better but still the page is taking sometimes to load.

"Those who Appreciate Quality Enjoy it Responsibly"

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BestSoftware's picture

Yes it is more user friendly. Great job.

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riva11's picture

I find this new release nice, just a thought about a feature missing is preview a page before publish the post.


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Dave the Man Miller's picture

page load time could be better


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