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Created: 29 Jan 2008 • Updated: 08 Aug 2012
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Welcome to the Online Identity and Trust blog here at VeriSign. Here we hope to share some interesting news about the VeriSign Identity Protection team as well as in the world of identity protection. Since we are all about identity protection, I might as well give a blurb of who I truly am so that my identity and role is clear within this team. I am the new product marketing manager for VIP and I focus on outbound marketing for our solutions.

Reading the developments in the area of identity protection, we see a lot of interesting news these days. Some of us may think that it is only to protect our online financial transactions but with the growth in Internet and the flat world, we must increasingly adapt to newer threats posed to identity theft and fraud. For example, there has been some recent news about how fraudsters are targeting Facebook. Heck ya, I too am on Facebook and on reading this Wired article: Fraudsters Target Facebook With Phishing Scam, I figure that I will be a lot more careful with my Facebook transactions or any online transactions for that matter.

In this blog, the VIP team will share our thoughts on the future of identity protection.

- Vijai Shankar