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Welcome to the Future!

Created: 14 Apr 2009 • Updated: 16 Apr 2009
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When I first got here:
At 3 remote locations they had Backup Exec and local tape drives.We had to rely on “users” to remember to change tapes and handle them correctly.
At corporate office, we had standalone tape drives on the servers.  And would use OS backup software to backup to tape.Every morning I would come in and hit the eject button on all the tapes, then go back and take them out. Some of them I had to put in the second tape so the backup could finish. Then go and put tonight’s scratch tapes in them. This could take up to 2 hours before I was finished. And then had to check emails to make sure they all actually worked. Once a week I would spend an extra hour doing cleaning tapes in all the drives. I spent a LOT of time doing tapes.
These were the days of ‘Manual Labor’.

Then we purchased NetBackup 3.5. I took the self paced course on my pc just to get a look at it.I played with it a little until I could go to hands on class.

Then came home and really started playing with it. Started out with a STKL700 Library, scsi attached to the master and media servers.The master was windows, 1 windows media, 1 Unix media.To start I was just in charge of the Unix backups.Learned that there was so much you could do, and it could tell you. This was as good as sliced bread! I could come in and see if the backups had any issues from looking at the console on my pc. I could eject the tapes from my pc. Then go in and take the tapes out and put in more. And I could have the tape drives automatically cleaned whenever they asked for it!Now all backups are done either at corporate office or the DR site.No need for remote sites to handle tapes any more.So now what use to take me 3 to 4 hours could be done in 1 or 2.
These were the days of ‘Convenience’.
And now I am up to NetBackup 6.5 and a TS3310 library. 1 Unix master/media, 1 Unix media, and 2 San Meida servers.  Plus the set up at the Now it takes me less then 1 hour to check backups and change tapes. I get emails from NOM if anything goes wrong. I can easily make reports for the auditors on anything they need to see.I can backup and restore Windows, Unix, SQL, Oracle, Informix and Exchange with ease.
Now I can spend my extra time making sure we are backing up everything correctly. Making sure we are ok for D.R .and reading up on other ways to improve our backup procedures and data access.
When I started my ‘computing’ career, I backed up to 1600 bpi reel tapes, and removable disk packs. Now my pc holds more then the first system I worked on. And NetBackup has made managing the backups, tapes, and reports so much easier. I sometimes feel like I do live in that futuristic world that we read about when I was a kid.
Welcome to the 21st century!