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Welcome to the new Cyber Security Group Blog!

Created: 03 Aug 2014 • Updated: 14 Aug 2014
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We have decided to combine two of the blogs populated by the security analysts from various disciplines within Symantec’s Cyber Security portfolio to create a single location, with the intent to make it easy for readers to keep in touch with interesting ideas and topics. Prior to this re-organization, we had separate blogs for our Managed Security Services analysts and Cyber Readiness researchers as well as individual Symantec analyst blogs in other locations, as well as and various product-specific blogs within our Symantec Connect communities. This made for too many places to check to stay on top of relevant information coming out of the Cyber security group. It’s time for some streamlining.

So who is the Cyber Security Group? We’re a collection of security professionals that support the following security challenges:


Our objective for this change is to both introduce you to the subject matter experts that create and support our products and services, and to give them a direct forum as a group to blog about ideas and commentaries on current events and trends. There’s a lot going on in the security space showing up in the news every day, from the latest leak or compromise to new vulnerabilities and exploits in the wild. Because our group is made up of multiple teams, our analysts come at problems and products from different angles from the purely theoretical to practical, hands-on advice that may help solve a problem. We’ll be sharing insight on ways to use your organization’s security resources in new ways. Our more product-specific blogs will remain within the product blog areas in Connect.

It’s good anyone working in IT today to have a third-party perspective on security topics making the headline news around the globe. We aim to provide that perspective with news and tidbits on the malicious actors operating today, to provide useful information on how they’re organizing and developing the tools that can threaten your ecosystem.

You can subscribe to our blog via RSS feeds, or follow us on @symantec where we will link new blog posts.

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