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Welcome to the Phish Market: The PRN Grows Again

Created: 13 Nov 2006 08:00:00 GMT • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 18:55:25 GMT
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This past spring we announced that Phish Report Network (PRN) was officially open for any organization who wanted to have phishing attacks against their brand blocked through the PRN’s community of solution providers, including Yahoo, Netscape, Symantec and others. This was (and still is) completely free of charge to the organization sending the data. We’re now pleased to announce that anyone, from Grandma Jones in Topeka to Uncle Jack in Melbourne, can now submit their fresh phish to the PRN. It’s a piece of cake to do and mostly consists of copying the URL of the fraudulent Web site into a submission form at the following location:

Once we receive the suspicious URLs, we vet them both programmatically as well as manually to make sure it is indeed a fraudulent site. Our blacklist is continually updated with the latest phishing attacks, allowing the “receivers” in the PRN blocking network to poll the PRN Web service and distribute the blacklist to their solutions, whether it’s a Web browser, mail service, toolbar or security product.

We’ve also been steadily adding to the PRN community of senders and receivers since the grand re-opening of the community about six months ago. The senders now include some of the top financial institutions across the globe, such as SunCorp. PRN receivers now count amongst their brethren the National Cyber-Forensics And Training Alliance—a group of private and public sector subject matter experts who will be using the PRN intelligence to help law enforcement shut fraudsters down for good. So, now when you send phishing messages to the PRN you’re not just enabling the blocking network to halt the fraudsters progress, but you’re taking a step towards getting important intelligence into the hands of law enforcement.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t just delete the next phishing message, contribute to the fight against fraud by submitting it to the PRN.