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Welcome to VeriSign's Ecommerce blog

Created: 12 Sep 2008 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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Thank you for stopping by The Ecommerce Evangelist Blog! I am thrilled about this opportunity to share something that we are passionate about here at VeriSign... buying and selling stuff online.

What?! You thought I would say "protecting your data" or "securing the Internet," didn't you? Sure, VeriSign is the security experts that are a critical foundation of every single transaction that happens on the Internet. For the cutting edge commentary on security, I recommend that you check out Tim, Fran, and Branden and the other VeriSign blogs.

The Ecommerce Evangelist is about what our customers do.

  • It's a blog about how Internet retailers drive more customers to their door and effectively convert clicks into sales.
  • It's about why effective marketing can attract new customers and can help them come back again and again.
  • It's about who the leaders are today and how they are shaping the future of transactions tomorrow.
  • It's about what you do everyday. It's about Ecommerce.

So, if you make money online, this blog is for you. Hopefully you will become part of the discussion too! Please take a second to say hello via the comments.