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What are the license requirements for Helpdesk?

Created: 29 Jun 2006 • Updated: 11 Mar 2009 • 4 comments
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Tim asked, "Do we need to purchase a Helpdesk license for each and every user, or for the maximum number of users who will be accessing Helpdesk concurrently?"

Tim, as per the Software Licensing Agreement, Helpdesk requires a license for each worker that connects to it. In reality, HelpDesk is very liberal in its licensing requirements and licenses are consumed as concurent workers connect and perform actions that require a license, and then each license is released ten minutes after the user has closed all browsers.

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I recommend 1 license for every person that works on the help desk and 1 license for every 2 or 3 people that are desktop support since they only log in on occasion to close tickets and can call the help desk to close a ticket for them.

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I was told by Altiris that the licence usage was released 5 minutes after last been used (not 10 as described above).

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If the worker acquires a license by creating a new incident or doing one of the other license-required commands, then that worker will keep the license until their last browser session expires. Navigating away from the worker console to a different URL will cause the session timeout to occur after 10 minutes. Closing the browser will cause the session timeout to occur after 10 minutes.

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...we are hoping to get away with 50 licenses for about 200 support staff.

About 9 of those are Help desk staff that are in there all the time. The rest are field support staff and others.

We have not purchased Altiris HD yet....
In our current system, we have 25 fixed licenses and 25 floating licenses and we do ok most of the time.

Our current time out is an hour to release a license....I'm hoping the shorter time out will make it better.

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