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What are the new Ghost switches available with DS 7.1 SP1?

Created: 11 Jan 2012 • Updated: 11 Jan 2012 • 2 comments
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Ghost32.exe and Ghost64.exe build and onwards, have new Switches to enable Multicast Peer Restore.

Here is the full list:


Enable Multicast Peer Restore. Use this when cloning from a network location to cause ghost to multicast to peer ghosts started with the same switches. e.g. ghost32 -clone,mode=restore,src=z:\image.gho,dst=1 -mp


Set the multicast ip address and port (default:


Set the multicast session ID to N (default: ghost).


Specify the interface for multicasting (default:


Multicast to N clients (default: unlimited).


Set the minimum number of clients needed to multicast (default: 1).


Set the timeout in minutes for client connection (default : 1).


Limit the multicast speed by setting the speed to N MBits/second (default: available bandwidth).


Force this ghost instance to be the master in a multicast peer session.


Set the timeout in minutes for packet resend on client disconnect (default: 1).

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Thank you Marcello for that summary, very appreciated.

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When I try to deploy an image (Win7 for example) onto an SSD, Ghost64 v12.0.0.4112 detects that the target is an SSD and tries to TRIM it, but a few seconds later crashes. I have to kill it from Task Manager.

Is there a switch to tell Ghost not to TRIM the SSD?

NOTE: I had to use Ghost64 v11.5.1.2269 which doesn't have a TRIM capablity and it imaged the SSD succesfully. But I still want to use the version.


UPDATE: I found the -NOTRIM switch.

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