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What does SSL have to do with bird flu?

Created: 27 Mar 2006 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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I read a thought-provoking article today about remote access for Asian information workers as a possible contributor in combatting a potential H5N1 outbreak. It's an interesting idea. It's well demonstrated that businesses and schools are major hubs of virus transmission. By making it possible to workers to get their jobs done and not have a presence in the office, these nexus points for transmission are diminished.

In the US we have a phenomenon called presenteeism, which is where you go to work even though you know you shouldn't because you don't want to waste your PTO days sleeping at home. "My co-workers be damned! I'm looking out for numero uno," you say. If you have the ability to work remotely, you can still look out for numero uno but don't have to expose your compatriots to the creeping crud in the process.