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What is the Enterprise Vault VCBuilds folder?

Created: 09 Oct 2012 • Updated: 29 May 2014 • 1 comment
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For the last few versions of Enterprise Vault we’ve been encouraged to set a property called the ‘Cache Location’ on each Enterprise Vault server.  The cache location is used by:

* The Indexing Service

* PST Migrations

* File System Archiving with some target file systems

* Vault Cache

One of the folders that you will see is the VCBuilds folder.  This is an example of the folder from my Enterprise Vault 10.0.2 system:

In this case it is showing me that a Vault Cache ‘DB’ file is being built for one of my test users.  The 154 Mb temp file in the middle of those is slowly growing, as the items are being added to the file.  Once it has finished being built then it will be turned over to a PST file, as this shows:

The client will download that file once it has been built, it will be deleted, and other ‘DB’ files built for that user (if required).

In a running EV server then you’ll see lots of these files.  And they might be dated some time ago, since an Outlook client can connect, start the Vault Cache process, and disconnect before it has finished downloading the ‘DB’ file.  It will resume when it next connects, of course.

It becomes an ‘age old question’ …  “How big should I make the Cache Location?”..  well in part it depends on how you’ve got Vault Cache configured – if it all.  Hopefully though this little insight will give you an indication of at least part of the role of this folder where it relates to building of the ‘DB’ file for Vault Cache clients.

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Great info Rob.

Can we delete this files manually, any problems or any procedure to clean cache location?


EV server 10.0.4, Cache Location is over 80 GB.

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