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What happened to my reports? And my incidents??

Created: 15 Jan 2010
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While learning DLP I recently ran into a problem... I lost all of my reports and the bigger deal I could not access any incidents in the system.  So I started basic troubleshooting, were all of the services running?  Did something crash?  Nope everything was running correctly, all of the services were running and even after restarting all of the Vontu related services just to make sure.  In a bit of a panic, I turned to the all powerful google but couldn't come up with anything. (This post will hopefully be indexed by google to jumpstart my memory.)

After a quick call to someone who knew more then I did, the answer was simple:  License expiration

So if you ever run into this problem, verify when your licenses expire, if they have you will need to get a new license key and then restart the correct Vontu services