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What is a Host ID Transfer?

Created: 22 Sep 2009
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Host ID Transfer

What is a Host ID?
A Host ID, sometimes called a Node ID, is a unique identifier on aUNIX system. Symantec asks for this ID during license registrationand utilizes the ID to ensure that only the license owner can install and use the license

When a license key/file is generated for a specific computer, it is locked to a number that is unique to that machine.

What is a Symantec System ID (SSID)?
The Symantec System ID is a unique identifier for a particular machine. An SSID is similar to a Host ID, except that the Symantec software adds data to the core Host ID value to create a unique string format. The Symantec System ID format varies from product to product, and across machine types.

What is the difference between "Node-Locked" and "Non-Node-Locked" license keys?

A "Node-Locked" license key is one that can only be used on a single host machine, which is typically identified during the license registration process. "Non-Node-Locked" license keys are not tied to a specific host machine, and therefore may be used on multiple hosts if this is allowed under your license terms and conditions A node-locked license is essentially a "per named developer" license model. The license is tied to a specific OS type, machine (host name) and named user. The support contact is tied to one designated person.

The following products are node locked meaning they are locked to a specific machine.  If the customer needs to move the license to another machine they will need to re-host the license file. (Call Customer Care at 800 721 3934). 

•         Enterprise Security Manager
•         Gateway Security Appliance SGS 600+5000 series
•         Storage Foundation version 4.0 or earlier.