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Information Unleashed

What It Means To Protect Information

Symantec CMO, Manny Kostas, shares how Symantec's excellence in innovation, holistic perspective on protection, and expert advice on security help you to "Do It All".
Created: 23 Apr 2014 • Updated: 23 Apr 2014
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Ubiquity, freedom, possibility: what it means to protect information.

When information is safe, that’s when the possibilities of that information are unleashed.

At Symantec, we are in a unique position to enable businesses to create, build, and succeed.

More than merely keeping attackers at bay, Symantec allows information to be used, shared, and created free from the kinds of worry and apprehension that stifle innovation.

Our understanding of the threat landscape necessitates a new conversation about holistic information protection. This is the conversation we started with our new “Do It All” video, and one we hope to continue throughout the coming months. We encourage you to continue telling us your experiences, goals, and thoughts about information protection. After all, this is a conversation and not a monologue, and the greatest human enterprises are only possible through communication and collaboration.


What we know is that the threat landscape is evolving, attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and consequences are more disastrous. In response, our solutions are comprehensive and multifaceted. Symantec’s solutions safeguard the agile data center, mobility, backup, storage, recovery, and small business.  Our solutions encompass the totality of information protection and availability, and we want to hear from you what that means in your own work, how it’s changing, and what you are able to do with information when you know that it is safe and accessible.

The Symantec solutions are designed with versatility and ubiquity in mind. We don’t create the amazing and wonderful things that our customers do; what we do is design a world in which it is possible for our customers to thrive. Symantec’s solutions are grounded in our core message of empowerment through protection. It’s up to you to imagine what you’ll create, and we hope that you’ll share it with us.

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