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What an SSL certificate can do for your online business

Created: 22 Jul 2013
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An SSL certificate is a certificate that shows that the website is using Secure Sockets Layering for its connections. This means that the information that is transmitted through the site has been protected through the use of an appropriate encryption and decryption system. The SSL securing of a site creates a dual system of keys that are used to encrypt data and decrypt it later. On the website, any information that the site visitor enters into the portal, is encrypted using a public key. Therefore, when it is transmitted, it is transmitted as an encrypted piece of data that other people cannot get access to. Additionally, should they manage to get hold of this data; it will be meaningless as they will be unable to translate it into useful information. The second key is a private key that is held by the website owner. The website owner uses this to decrypt the encrypted data that the visitors of the website have transmitted. This translates it back into information that they can use.

SSL certificates authenticate the identity of the owner of the website. This makes the visitor to the site sure of the interaction that is taking place. It allows him/her to provide any confidential or private information that the website requests safely. It keeps online interaction safe and secure. Here is what this can do for your online business.

    First, by securing the website using an SSL certificate, you will be able to create an e-commerce portal to perform online transactions. Most online payment processing service providers will not allow you to setup a portal for online transactions until you secure your website using SSL. Once this is done, you can enter into the lucrative fray of online commerce and start seeing substantial returns for your business. Ecommerce is a extremely lucrative venture as this is where the market has shifted. This is due to an increase in the computing technology that consumers have access to, combined with better internet network. Most consumers nowadays do a large portion of their buying online.

    Second, the visitors on your website respond better to your online business as they are sure of security and safety of their private and confidential information. If they trust your website, this builds credibility for your business and allows consumers to engage you for your products and services. Every business today must have an online presence in the form of a website and social media. The key to success is turning the website into a platform that you can use to generate conversions.

    Third, by securing your website you secure the data that are generated on it. The modern online business arena is designed to be data-centric. The focus has shifted to the generation of useful data that can be used to gain insight into market trends and consumer behavior patterns. The best way of doing this is creating a portal that the consumer trusts enough to allow it to capture their information.

SSL Certificate has become a mandatory qualification for businesses to engage in financial transactions or exchange of sensitive information with their customers.