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What's The Deal with File Registration?

Created: 17 Dec 2009
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The biggest issue I've dealt with over the years is getting files to register properly via install.  I've used various authoring tools (mostly big name products) and I've had the same problem(s) with each - some more frequent than others.

For the most part, you add a file to your project/template and the information is scanned.  It never fails though, from release to release, I get one or two .dll's that just aren't getting registered.  I look in my project and it looks as though the registration stuff is there, but app errors so something not getting scanned/included properly.

I also noticed recently that when I pull an assembly into a template, it appears that registry information does get scanned for it.  However, I think its missing some 'stuff' that would be registered via RegAsm.  Being so busy since being called back from a layoff, I haven't been able to take registry snapshots to see what information is missing.

Then there is the whole Self-Registration thing and if/when to avoid it.

I don't know why I haven't gotten a good grasp of this yet, but I hope to concentrate on it more.  We are going to be rebuilding our installations soon and I hope to get a grasp on these issues so I can just feel comfortable about it for once.

I was also thinking of writing some app that would use RegAsm with the /regfile flag, then import those into my template, but I guess there would be a lot of editing of the .reg files first to get such things as [INSTALLDIR] into a codebase entry, etc.  I don't know if that would even be feasible.

Well this is my first blog entry here and, though there aren't a lot of answers, it helped get this stuff off my chest.

If I could wrap my hands around this with a fairly reliable solution, I would be more than Happy this Holiday Season.