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What's new in VVR 6.1?

SRL Batching and Bulk Transfer
Created: 14 Aug 2014 • Updated: 15 Aug 2014 • 2 comments
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VVR 6.1 introduces two new performance features:

  • Storage Replicator Log (SRL) Batching to improve application throughput
  • Bulk Transfer to improve replication throughput

Note: Both of these features are enabled by default in standalone VVR.

SRL Batching combines multi-threaded application writes to the same replicated data set as a single write to the SRL. Batching reduces the number of IOPS to the SRL thereby resulting in faster write access times and improves application performance. Moreover, this also translates into lower CPU utilization by VVR. In order to be effective, the batching algorithm accumulates multiple parallel SRL IOs before they are written to SRL in a batch.


Bulk Transfer replicates multiple I/Os in 256KB chunks when memory buffers are flushed to the SRL, increasing replication throughput and reducing CPU utilization on the primary server. Bulk Transfer also reduces CPU utilization required to support network data compression.


In lab tests simulating real-world workloads, SRL Batching and Bulk Transfer improved application throughput by as much as 60% and network utilization by as much as 50% respectively.

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Zahid.Haseeb's picture

standalone VVR ? What does it means ? is it some thing new ? As per my understanding the VVR is the addon of Vxvm(Storage Foundation)

Any comment will be appreciated. Mark as Solution if your query is resolved
Thanks in Advance
Zahid Haseeb

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Seann Herdejurgen's picture

Standalone VVR refers to replicating non-CFS volumes.  We are working on SRL Batching and Bulk Transfer for CFS volumes in a future release.

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