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Who is the owner of this shortcut?

Created: 30 Sep 2009 • Updated: 29 May 2014 • 3 comments
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Occassionally my users end up with someone else's shortcut in thier mailbox.  They get there any number of ways: sent as attachements, cross mailbox copying, copying in and out of shared public folders, etc.  And often the user does not have access to the originating archive, so when they open the shortcut, they get the typical access denied error.  After much research, I finally came up with a solution:

  • Highlight the shortcut in Outlook
  • Hold CTRL + SHIFT, and mouse click on one of the EV buttons (ie, Archive Explorer)
  • Click on Vault Inofrmation
  • Scroll down to the "Selected Item Properties" section, and find the Saveset ID.
  • Copy everything to the right of the last tilda.  This string is called the Transaction ID (you can use the Send To Clipboard button to help with this, or copy the value manually).
  • Now you have to modify you modify the Transaction ID to fit the following format: 8 char, dash, 4 char, dash, 4 char, dash, 4 char, dash, 12 char, zero (ex: A7DD923B-A5CC-4BF1-96CC-5AA2FA6188C0
  • Next open a SQL Query Editior and connect to your EV database server.
  • Enter the following query:

SELECT     IdTransaction, VaultID
FROM         view_Saveset_Archive_Vault
WHERE     (IdTransaction = '<Enter Value Here>')

  • Once you have successfully executed the query, you should get a single result with 2 fields
  • Right click the value of VaultID and copy it.
  • Now login to any of the EV servers and open the VAC.
  • Hold CTRL + SHIFT and mouse click on 'Archives,' then click on the first option, 'Find Archive or Folder...'
  • Paste in the entry you copied earlier, and click Find.
  • The results will give you two items of vaule that tell you what the shortcut points to: Archive Name and Folder Path 

This bothered me for months until I found a solution.  Hope you find it useful too.  If anyone has a faster way to find the same results, please share.

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Thank you Mnereng.

But wouldn't it be easier to just use the "Archive ID" on the Shortcut?


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MichaelZ, you're right, that is much easier.  Don't know how i overlooked that.  Thanks!

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Hi Mnereng, Thank you so much for sharing this trick.

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