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Who’s Going to Win? The Execs versus the IT Departments

Created: 27 Jul 2011 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014
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If you run a business, your IT infrastructure is probably a major concern when it comes to the efficient functioning of all sorts of day to day tasks, ranging from the menial to the absolutely essential. A lot relies on getting the right system and right team to work with it. To a lot of businesses, the cloud seems too good to be true. Vendors harp on about all the benefits; cheaper costs, portability, simplified scalability, etc. When it comes to the people who actually have to pay for these changes, in the hope that these benefits will materialise, they are rightly skeptical. After all, a cloud solution could well be cheaper to start with, but if it goes wrong then it means a lot of disruption and wasted resources to switch back to the old ways of working.

According to the results of one of our latest surveys - the 2011 Symantec Virtualization and Evolution to the Cloud Survey - 44 percent of CEOs and 46 percent of CFOs are approaching the idea of moving business-critical applications to the cloud with caution. On the other hand, it is clear from the survey that current IT systems are not fulfilling the needs of many companies. 75% of the businesses surveyed are in discussion about switching important applications to either private or hybrid clouds.

Clearly, top level executives are excited about these changes and the promises being made by cloud vendors. Let’s be clear: cloud is not a magic bullet. It won’t transform for your business overnight. But let’s not downplay it either: the benefits are tangible, and most of the concerns about potential pitfalls can be avoided by simply ensuring time and resources for proper and diligent implementation. This has been borne out in reality: despite concerns from many, 78 percent of respondents who actually implemented a cloud solution achieved their performance goals. This informative infographic shows some of the key findings of the survey, outlining the current challenges which organisations face when moving to the cloud and how they hope to benefit:

Is it time to move business critical apps to the cloud? Click here to download the PDF file

So who’s going to win in the end? The IT departments or the execs? Cloud can sometimes be a daunting solution for businesses and those C-level execs are right to be cautious. But we think adopting a cloud solution soon is worth the investment. Staying ahead of the curve is important in business, and many companies are already deploying them to great effect.