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Whoops: Symantec EV SSL Market Share Revisited

Created: 12 Jan 2012 • Updated: 12 Jan 2012
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Monday we had the wonderful experience of being human: We made a mistake.

In our press release highlighting a recent Netcraft report, we stated that Symantec has a 40 percent market share of the EV SSL market. However, we actually have 65 percent market share.

We’ve corrected the mistake in our release on our website, and are happy to note that we had under reported our market share, which is much less embarrassing than if we over reported.

You can view the updated release here:

The January Netcraft report follows a year riddled with high-profile attacks and targeting of Certificate Authorities—attacks that highlight the need for a strong, reliable, and responsible Certificate Authority community. The increasing popularity of SSL certificates and EV SSL certificates, as reflected in this month’s report, confirms that consumers and organizations are taking the necessary extra steps to protect themselves from malware, data breaches and other IT security threats.

This report demonstrates that when it comes to web security, the majority of organizations online rely on Symantec.