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Why am I getting IDS alerts on vulnerability scans from Symantec?

Created: 29 May 2013 • Updated: 22 Jul 2013
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Over the past several months we have had inquiries from concerned customers claiming Symantec was scanning their forward facing IPs for vulnerabilities. After some research and some extremely tense meetings it was determined that this was actually part of a service the customer had purchased and opt'ed in for and that perhaps the Web team had forgotten to let the SOC know what was going on. Sound familiar?

The service is part of Trusted Services and allows the customer to add the Norton Secured seal to their website.

Vulnerability Assessment Service can create multiple entries in the customer’s website's logs and could cause alerts from their perimeter IDS/IPS. Its recommended to create rules or filters for these entries to avoid an false positives.
Vulnerability Assessment Service uses the following IP addresses and server names:

•    VBLADEAF001  (
•    VBLADEAF002  (
•    VBLADEAF003  (
•    VBLADEAF004  (
•    VBLADEAF005  (
•    VBLADEAF006  (
•    VBLADEAF007  (
•    VBLADEAF008  (
•    VBLADEAF009  (
•    VBLADEAF010  (

For more support on this feature please see: