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Why do I need my own PartnerNet account?

Created: 02 Mar 2011 • Updated: 02 Mar 2011
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This is a question that I frequently get asked by partners around the globe.  Well, there is one really, really important reason why you want to get your own PartnerNet account.   In order to receive credit for completing any of the Symantec Assessment or Authorization exams, you need to log in with your OWN PartnerNet account.  These are the exams that lead to the various accreditations (SSE, SSE+, STS, ASC).

If you sign up to take the exam and complete it, using anyone else's credentials, they will get credit, NOT you.  This can cause a lot of problems, especially if that person has already completed the exam.  In that case, your company will not get the credit for an additional person completing the exam.  The completions are automated and feed directly into the CertTracker application on the back end.  We do not do any manual data entry or cross checking if that person already completed the exam. 

One more reason to use your own credentials, is, should you ever decide to leave your current employer, your assessment completions are transportable.  In other words, you will have extra value on the open market, especially to employers looking for employees that have Symantec experience and if you have these accreditations, they count towards your new employers requirements.  It can make a difference if they have two equally qualified candidates and are deciding who to offer the job to.

So, the bottom line is, Get your OWN PartnerNet login credentials to ensure that you get credit for completing your assessment and authorization exams