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Why Do I See "Internal Server Error" Messages When Attempting to Access the Recovery Agent Install Web Pages?

Created: 14 Jan 2009
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Upgrades can be a challenging event, especially where there are multiple servers and groups affected and involved.

After a recent upgrade from Recovery Solution 6.2.2106 to 6.2.2760, testing was being performed to validate the usability of the upgrade.

While attempting to run the Recovery Agent Installation and configuration pages remotely, a "Internal Server Error" message was displayed, and further defined as a 500 level Internet Explorer error.

Accurately verifying the upgrade prerequisites ended up being a critical component here. A detailed examination of IIS showed that .NET was not installed and registered correctly, as there were default document references in IIS missing, such as default.aspx, and many cached ISAPI extensions were not present. Also, some NTFS permissions appears to be incorrectly set in the virtual directories.

We followed the following plan to make the appropriate changes.

  1. Make sure that .NET v1.1 is installed and registered correctly
  2. Remove and Re-Install the RS Server from the cluster. See KB article 31860 for specific instructions.
  3. Make sure that the correct NTFS permissions are set:

Browse to:

...\Altiris\Recovery Solution\Server\Agent\AgentWeb folder, right click on it and select Properties:

Verify the following user accounts are present:

Administrator (<server>\Administrators) Note: This is the local admin account
Authenticated Users

If they're not there, click on Add to add them.

Give the local admin account full access, and the Authenticated Users read access only (not read & execute).

Repeat the process for:
...\Altiris\Recovery Solution\Server\HTTPVault, except give authenticated users read & execute rights:

Repeat process for:
...\Altiris\Recovery Solution\Server\WBFR, except grant authenticated users right to modify:

Go inside WBFR folder and verify access permissions for all *.ASA, *.ASP, *.CSS, and *.CLASS files:

Verify the security rights for \Images folder: Authenticated users should have Modify, Read and Execute, read, and write, and list folder contents.