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Why do not sharing your packages? Please connect to me if you got a ready to go packages listing!

Created: 20 Nov 2009 • Updated: 19 Feb 2010 • 2 comments
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Are you already build some packages, and spend a few times to find the few tricks to get it works?
Does those packages are standard market packages?
Does those packages are in a MSI format?
Better: You already make it as a VSA format (SVS 2.1 and/or SWV 6.1) ?
Are you ready to sell services to provide such "well known packaging stuff" to others?

For sure, except for open source packages with fixed or standard "same for all" parameters, each of commercial application must be "repackaged" with at least the customer serial.
So, for well known packages should be not such a complicated to predefine "well known workload" to repackage it, providing a limited predefined list of questions for the custom,

Please, share this. I don't propose you do that for free, never "free lunch" !
I just suggest you propose a low cost service, which is sharing what you already do.
I propose you send us your XLS list of your "near ready to go" packages with:

  • Software editor
  • Software name
  • Version
  • Language(s)
  • format: VSA (2.1 or 6.1) and/or MSI
  • Unit buy price (not for the software I mean, just for creating the repackaged MSI or VSA of course!)

For each, you should be able to provide (on demand), the list of questions & input data (the limited list you support) for the VSA or MSI building (minimum, the serial).
I would like also in the future, an XML export of the corresponding "Altiris Software component" we could import into CMS7...
As soon as it will be possible to do that, because not yet the case now, all the same with SP1, Grrr :-(

I was making a search of such services, and was not easy to find... I do find only one place to easily buy MSI or VSA packages directly on-line.
Some Big mass packaging vendors already build "industrial" solution, to propose contracts for hundred packages...
I suppose in the EULA to use Connect, I sign I will not use for "commercial", but here I will just provide multiple vendors links, for helping people & companies.
As I will start with Symantec and not put my own company, I hope to still compliant Connect policy !
For example:

  • Symantec (Hello all) propose a "Software Packaging Factory": can be MSI or VSA (hope so). (start with ?? packages, cost ??)
  • Sogeti (Hello Lionel) propose: "Packaging MSI (FR)", but no for VSA ! (start with 20? packages, cost ??)
  • Dell also (?)
  • ...
  • [please just tell me for others, I will add, also if you know the values instead of ?? above]

But for smallest & medium companies, only needing 5 to 10 packages, those mass package providers are not the solution.
Some customers were buying the "Symantec Software or Workspace Virtualization" hoping the packaging job will be reduced...
Yep, it does, most of the time... But it is not suppressing the packaging job.
And from time to time, "virtualizing" is providing extra-time from the MSI version, to make it works in a "Virtual layer"... (e.g. Office 2007, Acrobat PRO 9, ...)
So nowadays, it is more and more easy to use a vendor wizard to build the "setup.ini", the MST or the MSI, instead of making a "VSA"... And there are no more needing any "repackaging".

Yes, but "virtual software" is nice for many reasons (software on demand, application streaming, VDI, software conflict, secure deploy, stable PC, etc...) .
Now SVS 2.1 is included with Client Management Suite 7 (CMS7), so it is very easy & secure to deploy directly a "VSA" package instead of a "MSI".
But anyway: MSI or VSA, you must build the packages :-(

To repackage, this can be a nightmare: Just ask a PRO packager how many time to package a "new unknown" application, most of the time the answer is:
"Well, it depends, this can start 1 hour, to... 1 week... And, without warranty of any full success, we can have to put some workaround to make it works !..."

How many different people in this IT world, were spending more or less the same "stupid" time, for repackaging the same application, with most of the time the same default "options" , except for the serial number ?
That's why I propose we stop this & start sharing.

I do not find a lot of you: already proposing clearly "1 unit" on-line packaging services:

  • (Hello Hans), propose exactly what we need (on-line package buying), but with a limited list...
  • ...

And some others of you, where I do not see any "on-line" software packages catalog, and don't know if you can provide "1 unit" package buying:

  • Protirus (but perhaps the download area for registered customers are the place?, any body know them? feedback?)
  • Raynet  (Hello Phil, hello Xavier) are providing VSA or MSI also. But don't see "on-line list", and don't know yet if "unit" buying is possible [I will update as soon as you update me]
  • Xylos
  • ...

So just Write to me to update ;-) Best regards all.

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Mozilla Europe FireFox 3.x winSCP 
C. Ghisler TotalCommander
Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibiliy pack
Free Software Foundation, Inc VLC Media Player
Foxit Corporation FoxIt PDF Reader
Irfan Skilian IrfanView
Autodesk AutoCad LT
Mindjet GmbH MindManager
Oracle Client
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Indesign CS4
Apple Quicktime
Autodesk Map
Autodesk MAP 3D
Autodesk MapGuide
Autodesk MapGuide Viewer
Busines Object Crystal Reports
Citrix ICA Client
Cobra Address Plus
Stefan Heinz Free PDF
Macromedia Freehand
Quark, Inc Xpress
Rehadat Elan
Starfinanz Starmoney
Pierre-Emmanuel Gougelet XnView
pdfforge GbR PDF Creator 7ZIP
ARIS  Toolset
IBM Personal Communications
Cyber Link Power DVD
Oracle SQL Plus
Oracle SQL Base
Adobe SVG Viewer
VMWare Workstation
Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack
Adobe Photoshop Eements
Auodesk DWF Viewer Notepad ++
Symantec PC Anywhere
Free Software Foundation, Inc. FileZilla
IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. Ultra Edit

~Pascal @ Do you speak French? Et utilisez Altiris: venez nous rejoindre sur le GUASF

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Pascal KOTTE's picture
Microsoft .NET 2.x
Microsoft .NET 3.x
Adobe FlashPlayer 
Adobe Adobe Reader 

But honnestly  I was thinking the 2 last should be available for free download in VSA mode ?

~Pascal @ Do you speak French? Et utilisez Altiris: venez nous rejoindre sur le GUASF

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