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Netting Out NetBackup

Why NetBackup’s reporting & management console is best in class

Created: 06 Jun 2011 • Updated: 22 Jan 2013
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Did you know that over 750+ customers wanted NetBackup 7.1 before it even went GA? Why did so many customers want to try the newest release of NetBackup? Symantec NetBackup provides a fast path to the virtual data center that customers want to build.

One innovation offered in 7.1 was Auto Image Replication. Auto Image Replication allows you to copy data between backup domains in an optimized fashion allowing customers to simplify their disaster recover strategies. Auto Image Replication is accomplished via our Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLP) which allow you to define a complex backup copy and retention pattern for your backup while keeping it simple for administrators.

Once you start using these advanced strategies for creating multiple copies of data you have to know your data is protected and all the copies are made in all the locations you have selected in your SLP. This is where our solution shines as NetBackup has integrated reporting in OpsCenter which allows you to have insight and visibility into not only the original backup job, but the entire lifecycle of your data as it is replicated and sent to secondary locations. This new reporting capability released in the spring of 2011 allows you to easily understand if all your data has been replicated according to your policies and understand if there are any infrastructure bottlenecks, which might cause a backlog to occur.In fact, NetBackup’s streamlined management of  heterogeneous operating systems helped helps transform Contract Healthcare manufacturer into Information Driven organization, and helped Cut storage administration time from 3 hours to 30 minutes.

We applaud other backup reporting vendors who are coming to market later with solutions for understand SLP’s and Auto Image Replication, but are quite proud we were there first and best! Visit to learn more.