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Why Seal-in-Search is good for sites

Created: 01 Jul 2010 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012 • 1 comment
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One of the features we offer with VeriSign SSL Certificates is what we call Seal-in-Search. Simply explained, VeriSign has forged relationships with outside parties that in some way interact with consumers as they're finding the sites to visit or do business with. Each of these parties displays a version of the VeriSign seal in its interface next to its listings for the sites that are secured with VeriSign SSL Certificates and/or the VeriSign Trust Seal.

Today we have high profile relationships in two categories. The first is comparison shopping sites. VeriSign seals display alongside their sites in TheFind and PriceGrabber. TheFind even offers an option where you can limit your results to sites that are secured with VeriSign.

The second category is desktop software that can append seals to search results. Here we have an agreement with AVG. Approximately eighty million desktops using AVG software are now enabled so that whenever they do a search in Google or Bing the VeriSign-secured sites will display with VeriSign seals to their right.

These arrangements benefit both users and site operators. End users benefit from the fact that they have more information available when choosing which sites to visit. It is widely demonstrated that users are interested in security when choosing sites, especially for sensitive activity such as financial transactions or credit card purchases. In fact, sites have measured that this effect increases transactions significantly when premium security is present. Sites have demonstrated that the VeriSign seal increases completed transactions an average of 24% and that EV SSL green address bar increases them an average of over 17%. Those increases show us that site visitors prefer sites that display their premium security choices and therefore choose them in significantly greater numbers. This effect applies in Seal-in-Search as well, as proven by TheFind, which measured that sites with VeriSign seals in its interface receive over 18% more clicks than sites without. Shoppers are using this information to choose well protected sites before they even click out of the comparison shopping environment.

The benefit to the sites themselves is also clear. Sites have the opportunity to attract more visitors. More shoppers or more audience members or more clients or more people to be influenced or educated. Whatever the site's mission, it has the chance to increase its influence and improve its business metrics by displaying these seals in the places where potential visitors come to find which sites they want to visit.

We're seeking to continue building relationships such as these. It's easy to see the potential benefit to other players in the comparison shopping and desktop plugin or software categories, but there are plenty of other categories where parties stand to benefit by employing VeriSign seals as well. We plan to aggressively sign up these partners and bring them to you as they come on line.

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Great post. its good to see the security profile starting at the search level. Hopefully others jump on this trend.

Go Penn State

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