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Will I still need Wise Package Studio after I adopt SVS?

Created: 13 Dec 2005 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010
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Jim asked, "I'm currently using Wise Package Studio to package my applications. Will I still need this after I adopt SVS?"

Good question, Jim. SVS includes a simple packaging tool for creating virtual software packages (VSPs). Wise Package Studio on the other hand includes a plethora of tools for quality assurance, package management, patch impact assessment, packaging project management, and much more. Whether you are virtualizing your applications or not, Package Studio provides a valuable solution for best practice software release management.

Wise Package Studio will soon provide the ability to create, customize, and manage virtual software packages in addition to the current package formats that are supported. Also, we'll give you the ability to convert existing MSI packages into VSPs so that you can leverage all of your previous packaging efforts. Ultimately, we believe that Package Studio will be the best solution for preparing and managing virtual software packages, while SVS will be the solution for running those applications in the production environment.