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Windows 7 Upgrade

Created: 14 Jul 2010
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My Dell originally had Vista on it and my Sony laptop had Windows Xp Pro.  I was very unhappy with Vista and was looking forward to all of the advertised features of Windows 7 as well as figuring out the unadvertised ones.  I upgraded my Dell XPS workstation first and it went fine, but took a couple of hours because I was performing an upgrade and not a clean install.  After the upgrade from Vista completed, everything worked without any issue; I didn't need to update any drivers.  My wife loves all of the entertainment features of Windows 7 like creating stories with pictures within the OS easily.  I then installed it on my Sony laptop with 1GB of Ram and it runs better than I expected.  The networking aspects of the OS are fantastic and setting up a home network is easy (no I do not work for Microsoft).  It plays nice with my network and interacts beautifully with my Xbox 360.  I couldn't be happier with Windows 7.