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Windows Installer Log Search Terms

Created: 06 Jun 2007 • Updated: 07 Aug 2007 • 3 comments
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If you get that "deer-in-the-headlights" feeling every time you try to find something in a Windows Installer Log, this list of search terms should undoubtedly help.

?Feature: ?
Feature and component states (Top of list)
?is managed?
Find out if package was installed as ?managed?
?Machine Policy?
Find All Computer Policies (press search again key to forward through list)
?User Policy?
Find All User Policies (press search again key to forward through list)
Find a Specific Policy (include single quotes before and after name)
?ProductCode =?
Properties List (Top of list)
?ProductCode =?
Product Code, Product Name, Product Version (at top of properties list)
?ComputerName =?
Computer Name
?LogonUser =?
User ID
?AdminUser = 1?
Was user an Admin? (not found indicates user was not an admin)
?IsPrivileged = 1?
Was Installation run with elevated privileges? (not found indicates no elevated privileges)
Per-Machine or Per-User Install? (not found indicates Per-User)
?WindowsBuild =?
  • Windows 95 value will be: blank or ?950? or ?1111?
  • Windows 98 value will be: ?1998? or ?2222?
  • Windows ME value will be: ?3000.1?
  • Windows NT 4 value will be: ?1381?
  • Windows 2000 value will be: ?2195?
  • Windows XP value will be: ?2526?
In first line of log.
Windows Installer Version
Action Name
Specific Standard or Custom Action
?Executing op: RegAddValue?
Adding Registry Keys
?Executing op: ShortcutCreate?
Creating Shortcuts
?Executing op: FileCopy?
Copying Files
?Executing op: RegExtensionInfoRegister?
Creating File Extension Mappings
?Executing op: DatabaseCopy?
Create cached copy of MSI
?OriginalDatabase =?
Location of MSI that was installed

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Harsh Mokal's picture

Yes definatly above information help for checking log. Install Log is used for troubleshooting applications if something goes wrong. For me the Keywords are "Error". I always pray , Pls this word (i mean only Error which postfixes with Error code) do not appear in my Install/uninstall/Repair Log.
The next thing i usually look for Installation of components.

and then check for custom Action.
It can be script error or may be can Skipping of custom action because of any condition.
If something is wrong ofcourse need to work on :)

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R-Vijay's picture

Its a very informative list for troubleshooting.
I will add in one more entry to it.

Check for "RETURN VALUE" in the log file.

If it is "RETURN VALUE 1", then that particular custom action has executed fine.
If it is "RETURN VALUE 3", then that particular custom action has terminated its execution.

This was very ueful to me.
I faced a problem where,
The application was repairing fine as a admin user but failed in a locked down user.
When check with return value, i found that, there was one CA which was creating this prob. It wasnt executing as a normal locked user.

Hope it is useful.

Microsoft MVP [Setup-Deploy]

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WiseUser's picture

Thanks for the additional Information . Cheers

Altiris Certified Professional

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