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Windows Vista goes to RC1

Created: 02 Sep 2006 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012 • 2 comments
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As you know the release dates of Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista will be very important to the world of SSL Certificates, as IE 7 will add the capability for High Assurance SSL Certificates and its Phishing Filter and Windows Vista will cause OCSP to be defaulted to on, which will result in stronger revokation checking. Well, Microsoft just went to RC 1 with Windows Vista, which goes out to an estimated 6 million beta testers.

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Is this why we're seeing unusual disconnect behavior and high latency from the Verisign OCSP responders (

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In the last two days we began receiving scattered reports of intermittent OCSP failures. Our SSL architecture team is partway through a technical evaluation to determine this behavior. You're right, Bill, to call this behavior to our attention. As OCSP moves into the big time, we're closely watching its behavior to catch any gotchas before they become a problem. It's not even clear that the behavior involves VeriSign's OCSP service. It might be taking place in the Internet before you ever get to us. I expect to determine the cause soon, and if this intermittent problem involves our own service, we should be able to fix it pretty expediently.

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